Sugar Free Chocolate: Chocodant™ Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolate Stevioside Antioxidant Drink Mix


Chocolate Lovers…

At Last…

The Amazing, New, Sugar FREE,
Dairy FREE, Gourmet
Dark Chocolate Sensation


Combining Dutch Processed Cocoa With
JAJA Stevioside™ (stevia extract) and
Grape Seed Extract To Create a Luscious,
Hot Chocolate Flavored,
Potent Antioxidant Supplement
Drink Mix

Why YOU Will Say…
It’s Worth Every Penny!


Dear Reader,

Do You Love Chocolate? I mean really L-O-V-E chocolate. You know, when your desire for a gourmet chocolate like Godiva®, or Dove®, etc. is all that you can think of getting your hands on. Nothing else is as important until that longing is satisfied.

If so, this will be the most important message YOU will read…

And Here’s Why…

When you hear the words Gourmet and Dark Chocolate together your mind automatically goes to those LUSCIOUS Gourmet Chocolate candies that melt in your mouth. You know the kind. Just imagine one of them in your mouth right now…

So Rich
So Creamy

Or maybe that to-die-for Whipped Chocolate Mousse’

So Rich
So Creamy
So Delicious
So – filled – with – Sugar – and – Fat!

Today, there is an option for you. It’s New! It’s Sugar FREE! And it’s called Chocodant.

Chocodant antioxidant is sinfully rich. It has that deep, delicious dark chocolate taste that every true chocolate lover craves.

But Chocodant is not candy. It’s not a food. It is so chock full of potent antioxidant power starting from that Rich…Dark…Chocolate specially processed to taste great and to be high in flavonoids. Then there is the potent anti-oxidant power of grape seed extract. And the quality of this supplement is enhanced with world famous JAJA Stevioside. You get a great tasting, lip smacking, tongue curling, sensual – rich, deep dark chocolate taste treat all wrapped up in a healthy dietary supplement. What’s not to love?

Picture yourself enjoying a cup of Chocodant right this second.

Savor that yummy dark chocolate.

Yes! Chocodant is Sugar FREE!
Yes! Chocodant is Low Fat!
Yes! Chocodant is Dairy FREE!

Is Your Mouth Watering Yet?

“Click Here and Order Yours Today”

It all started back in 1999. By then we already had been selling JAJA Stevioside for FOUR years. Customers were asking how to mix JAJA Stevioside into chocolate.

We researched and found it is extremely difficult. For example, if you were to make chocolate candy, you would first need to make a small blend of white chocolate (cocoa butter and stevioside) and heat it to a certain temperature (so it liquifies). Then you would need to heat up some cocoa and cocoa butter to a certain temperature so they liquify. Then you would gradually little by little add the stevioside-cocoa butter combination and carefully blend. Finally you would pour it into molds and let it cool.

Now I don’t know about you, I love chocolate …but that’s too much work.

If you were going to make a hot chocolate drink, you could mix 100% cocoa into hot water and add stevioside. The product would be very thin. Not creamy. Very poor mouth feel. The taste would be hollow. And it would only have little anti-oxidant value.

I know, because I tried it.

Moving On…

We were not satisfied with just putting cocoa into water. Frankly speaking, it just didn’t taste good. So we experimented, and taste tested. Made notes, made adjustments, and experimented and taste tested some more. Made more notes, and made more adjustments. And experimented…


In the FIVE YEAR period it took to develop CHOCODANT we consulted with the

Leading Suppliers
of Top Quality Pure
Natural Ingredients

We even contracted with a professional formulator. We put Chocodant through over 63 trials and taste tests to achieve the rich mouth feel, heavenly taste, and higher level of anti-oxidant power.

We made special arrangements with a handful of high end, raw ingredient suppliers who were selected with great care to assure

Chocodant has Consistent Quality and Taste

When you fix yourself a serving of gourmet tasting Chocodant anti-oxidant hot chocolate flavored dietary supplement drink mix, you are getting:

  • A Delicious, Gourmet Quality, Decadent Natural Dark Chocolate Potent Anti-oxidant Drink Mix – The taste is so good that when you taste it you will find it hard to believe Chocodant is a dietary supplement and actually good for you.
  • The Chocolate (cocoa) used in Chocodant is processed using the Dutch Cocoa method (recognized as the best quality and taste for chocolate) done with Alkali for superior quality and taste.
  • Because of the specially processed pure Cocoa and Grape Seed extract – Chocodant is high in flavonoids and anti-oxidants. They bring you their benefits and help to take care of those harmful free radicals in your system that can lead to premature aging, and all sorts of physical woes.
  • Chocodant has a smooth mouth feel – In fact, if you did not read the ingredients that based on the mouth feel you would swear that it was made with cream, and loaded with fat. Actually, it is much lower in fat than any other gourmet chocolate.
  • Chocodant is Dairy FREE – there is no cream, no butter, no milk added.
  • Chocodant is made from 100% natural ingredients, not a long list of hard to pronounce ingredients. It is made from a proprietary blend of Dutch processed cocoa, JAJA Stevioside (stevia extract), added natural flavors, vegetable fiber (added to aid digestion, and your absorption of the flavonoids and anti-oxidants), and very important for your health, no silica is added.

  • Chocodant is Sugar Free so there is no remorse – you can drink this Chocolate stevioside anti-oxidant dietary supplement and get your “Chocolate fix” while building your health!
  • Chocodant is perfect for the carb conscious, and weight conscious, in fact each serving when mixed into 8 ounces (1 cup) of water has only 2.1 carbs, 13 calories, and 0.55 grams of fat! Though you’ll swear there are more… the taste is so seductive.
  • Unlike the sugar loaded or artificial sweetener loaded food products…Chocodant dietary supplement is not overly sweet. In fact, no sweetener is used, and you will not need to add any either.
  • You get 33 mg of Grape Seed Extract Standardized to 95% in every serving of Chocodant.
  • You get 215 mg of Lecithin in every serving of Chocodant – This aids your body in digesting the fats and helps with your alertness.
  • Chocodant is made in small batches right here in the USA in an FDA approved and inspected facility to assure you the utmost consistency of taste, quality… and freshness.
  • Chocodant is FREE of preservatives… yet it is so potent and fresh that it has a TWO YEAR Shelf Life!
  • The serving size of ONE level Tablespoon easily dissolves into 8 ounces of hot warm, or cold water – Mixes up in seconds though cold water requires a bit more stirring. You can also heat it up in the micro wave.
  • There are 41 servings of Chocodant anti-oxidant chocolate drink mix packed into each ½ pound – wide mouth, Easy Serve plastic jar (approximately 7″ high and 3 ½” in diameter) – making it really easy to store on your shelf
  • The top twists off and on easily, making it a breeze for you to re-seal after use – this helps you keep Chocodant fresh and tasty.
  • Chocodant is Gourmet taste and quality loaded with anti-oxidant properties
  • Perfect for Adults and Kids
So What Does This Mean For You?

Since each serving of Chocodant:

Is Dairy FREEE
Is Sugar FREE
Is Packed with Superb Anti-oxidant properties


Ready to Order? “Click here and Order Chocodant Now!

No more forsaking your pleasures and cravings for gourmet dark chocolate because it is loaded with fat and sugar.

That’s Over When You Get Chocodant!

Your wish is answered.

Now You CAN Indulge Your Gourmet Chocolate Taste Without the Remorse!

While we are talking about a Sugar Free, Dairy Free Gourmet Hot Chocolate Taste… It is important to note that Chocodant is not sold as a food product in the USA. Nope. Not at all.

Chocodant is sold and labeled as a potent anti-oxidant chocolate flavored dietary supplement drink mix.

This means that

Chocodant is not only Good Tasting…
Chocodant is Good For Your Health!

Now What Could Be Better Than That?

Yes! I want Chocodant… I’ll “Click Here and Order Now!

Since you are still reading this, you know what you are getting when you get Chocodant, and that makes you eager to try it.

You may wonder… does it really taste that good? Can it? After all, it is a dietary supplement. Even though Chocodant IS made with the finest gourmet cocoa. Even though Chocodant IS made using JAJA Stevioside.

Well, When You Have Tasted Chocodant, You Will Love Dark Chocolate Not less but More!

Let’s You and I Reason About Price

Let me ask you a question…

Does Getting Your Chocolate Fix Cost Too Much?

No matter how much food or dietary supplements you can buy for a dollar, it costs too much if it doesn’t contain a hundred cents’ worth of value. Chocodant is greater in ingredient value than ANY chocolate candy or drink, or dietary supplement than you can buy.

Lets Find Out Why:

JAJA Stevioside Right now it sells for $155 a kilo (2.2 lbs). JAJA Stevioside is the worldwide benchmark in quality and taste of stevioside (stevia extract). By itself a 100% natural product that is Fat FREE, Calorie FREE, Carbohydrate FREE, and while not considered a sweetener – the FDA itself says it is 250 times sweeter than sugar.

Gourmet Dutch Cocoa precision made. This is NOT the CHEAP COCOA you can buy off the shelf in your local supermarket. No. Not – at – all. This cocoa is specially processed to retain it’s flavors, it’s taste qualities, and most importantly for your health… it’s high levels of naturally occurring flavonoids. It’s not cheap, but true quality never is.

Grape Seed Extract Standardized to 95% Grape seed extract has found fame and world wide recognition as a super potent anti-oxidant. Many companies will used grape seed extract, but few will us it standardized to the level found in Chocodant. Using grape seed extract standardized to 95% gives you twice as much of the good stuff as 47 ½% and much more than grape seed.

63 Trials and Taste Tests Over FIVE Years That averages to a little over One Test A Month FOR OVER FIVE YEARS to perfect the flavor, perfect the taste, perfect the mouth feel, and perfect the Health Benefits of Chocodant anti-oxidant dietary supplement. It is a remarkable stick-to-it-ness you will find ONLY where there is dedication and commitment to quality.

Consider that a single piece of Godiva gourmet chocolate can sell for well over $1.20 and Godiva Sugar Free for well over $1.50 FOR A SINGLE PIECE/SERVING!

A packet of Sugar Free Hot Chocolate you find on the grocers shelves. Tthis is mostly filler like whey and other fillers, and some powdered milk with some chocolate. It is sweetened with laboratory produced artificial sweeteners. Hardly natural, and typically sells for OVER THIRTY THREE CENTS A SERVING! Not only does it not taste as good as Chocodant anti-oxidant supplement… It doesn’t even have anywhere close to the anti-oxidant power you get in Chocodant!

Now I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds silly to throw money away on a chemically sweetened, filler with some powdered milk and some chocolate thrown in.

But if you were buying that type in the past, don’t feel bad. Chocodant was not around. So you were making the best choice you could with the information you had available.


And Keeping all this in mind, a person would think that Chocodant should sell for a very high gourmet price. So now let’s get to Chocodant cost per serving. One of the things you will love about Chocodant is the price.

Forget Thirty Three Cents a serving for sugar free powdered milk hot chocolate drink mixes.

Forget the $1.50 Plus of Godiva – though you would swear under oath that Chocodant tastes as good.

Now… Today… You can get Chocodant for our low, low, low introductory trial price of ONLY 37 cents a serving. That’s only $15.05 for a 41 serving, ½ pound jar! Yes I want to order Now! I’ll “Click on the Order Now button and place my order” should be what you are saying…if you love chocolate.

I’m Happy, Healthier and Loving MY Gourmet Chocolate…Guilt FREE… Because of Chocodant!” will Now be said the World Over.

As one chocolate lover to another… I’m asking you…

Will you join us? Will you go from the agony and frustration of denying yourself the pleasure of gourmet chocolate you deserve? Will you continue to punish yourself? Or… Now that YOU Know about Chocodant, will you make the right decision and “Click here and Order Chocodant Now” so you can begin to enjoy something you love and deserve. Will you indulge yourself… no, make that… spoil yourselfwith silky, rich, sensuous Chocodant? Will you live the chocolate lover’s dream – sugar free – gourmet deep dark chocolate, that’s good for you?

Go on…Liberate that chocolate craver in you – and feel good about doing it! OK! I can’t take it anymore, I’ll click here because I’m ordering right now!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… I mix one level tablespoon of Chocodant into boiling water, and as the mixture cools down it begins to taste like a sinfully rich, deliciously indulgent silky smooth whipped Chocolate Mousse’. A chocolate lovers fantasy called Chocodant awaits you. Go for it. Order Two because it makes a great gift!

Yes! I want the healthy anti-oxidant benefits wrapped up in a chocolate connoisseur’s dream. I’ll Click Here and Order Today. Send Me Chocodant Immediately!

Still thinking about ordering?

You know, sometimes a person finds the answer… It’s right there in front of them. Hopping up and down. Yelling “Take me! Take Me!” But the person does not take advantage of it. Instead they continue to suffer, and deprive themself.

Now that’s funny… isn’t it?

They find just what they want. It’s there staring them in the face and they don’t take it.

Funny right?

No it’s Not Funny… It’s TRAGIC!

There’s no explaining a person’s indifference to themself. Don’t you be like that.

Let’s you and I have a little heart to heart.

Now if you were my own brother or sister, I would say to you what I’m going to say now.

First… a scrimpy, measly $15.05 is nothing. Nothing. It’s hard to even get a good dinner for $15.05. So don’t be cheap. Don’t cheat yourself out of something you know you want. Something that you know is good for you, because it is a great anti-oxidant and is sugar free too. Life is to be enjoyed, and it’s the little pleasures that seem to create lingering memories, and true pleasure.

Now the way I see it, you have before you three choices. Three paths you can take.

You can completely ignore this website, and this message, and Chocodant. But if you do, remember not to think about how good it would taste and how good you would feel sipping on a cup of gourmet Chocodant, when you are feeling cold, or want a snack. Remember not to think ”I could be drinking sugar free Chocodant“ next time you are eating chocolate or drinking hot chocolate.

Your second choice is to get in your car… and… fight…traffic…to… go… to… the… store. Search around until you find cocoa powder (chances are it will not be gourmet), then go stand in line for what seems like forever but actually it’s only… 5, 10, 15 minutes waiting for that idiot in front of you to take all day searching for loose change to give to the cashier. Grrrr. Another 20 minutes wasted!

Then you go back to your car, and drive to the health food store. Fight for a parking space. Finally you park. Go inside and look for stevioside… you will either find none, or you will find a whole bunch of brands, None, however, as good as JAJA Stevioside (the worldwide benchmark in quality and taste). So you go stand in line and buy some other brand and pay way to much. Maybe $15.00 for ½ ounce. Forget about grape seed extract powder… you won’t find it.

You fight traffic all the way home. Finally you get back home. You boil some water. Try and mix the chocolate (cocoa) with the stevioside and water…and you will end up with almost exactly what we did over 63 tries and FIVE years ago. Something that has the consistency of water, and not a very good taste. And not much anti-oxidant power either. So you give up and find that you have wasted a substantial amount of money and time. Saving nothing! Surely your time is worth more than that. Isn’t it?

Or you can forget about your worries. You can do something much more productive with your time. You can do the smart thing, and make your life easy. Save yourself time, effort, and trouble, and “Order Chocodant Now” and you will be enjoying it before you know it. Chocodant is only $15.05 for the 8 ounce container, and IF You Get Two Jars, there is no extra shipping charge. You should get at least 2 jars because Chocodant makes a great gift!

Chocodant is on temporary Hitaus… But…

How About Some Nice Organic Cocoa Instead?

In the mean time while we are waiting on the rework of Chocodant, you may want to check out JAJA Organic Cocoa Powder™ and get some because it’s Sugar Free!



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